Another Year of Missing You

Cheryla & Franala Feb. 2005

Cheryla & Franala
Feb. 2005

My dearest Franala,
Another year of missing you. Your birthday meant we always spoke on the phone, no matter where either of us traveled to on that day. On your birthday, in particular, we would sing to each other, I would play my flute or concertina for you, and you would give me your rendition of one of the songs from The Sound of Music or perhaps Oklahoma. I miss you so much and can’t believe it’s another year. Every song I hear, I hear you. I see your smile in a crowd or hear your laugh and still look for you. Big hair that we both have? Catches my eye and I look for you. You were infectious, joyful, filled with wonderment. I pray that I have a little bit of you still, in how my personality has transformed into characteristics of yours. I pray that I have your heart. I miss you my Franala. My love as always, Cheryla

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