Happy Birthday Sweetheart

My dearest Franala,
It is your birthday today. Is anyone singing to you for your birthday? Is there an orchestra to play behind your voice as you go about your business in heaven? It wouldn’t be heaven unless that was so!! Do you get to eat chocolate, ice cream and cake without worrying about calories? Do you hear us all speaking about you and congratulating the spirits for letting us share in your presence for as much time as we had together? You did not like the aging process and fought to keep your beauty, but you really didn’t have to fight so hard. Your beauty showed through in everything you did, what you said, how you acted, how you were a friend, sister, aunt. There are so many people who miss you and continue to share your artistry by clicking on the YouTube videos to see your beautiful face, that vivacious talent, and oh that gorgeous voice. We miss you, we’re selfish to have wanted you here longer, but your spirit couldn’t be contained and so you flew. Fly my sweetheart angel. You are in my heart forever. Love, Cheryla

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