Oh Fran, We Miss You So

Selfish that I am, I miss you. Are you far, are you near? I hear you singing when I walk with my iPod and plug you in. But I miss your laugh and the ability to make new memories with you. I worry that I cannot feel you with me any longer, and that is probably as it should be. Have you moved on to another body? Have you moved on to a musical venue that I can’t hear or see? Where are you? I’m so sad not to have you in my realm any longer. Selfish that I am. I want you back! I’m sad to know you are a statistic of cancer death. I wanted to see you on the Kennedy stage once again, perhaps celebrating honors to you. As it should have been. You honored us with your presence, your amazing talent, and the ability to make all of our lives better. You loved this season of hope and peace. May you have peace where you are and know that you are still loved by all who met you. I love you my Franala.

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