A Birthday Wish

Dearest Frances, No matter where you are, the date only means one thing to me, and that is celebrating the day you were born, came into our world, and gave us such joy.  You were an angel here on earth, and while we had you with us, you gave a variety of gifts every day that you lived.  We applaud you, standing on our feet, yelling, Brava, until we are exhausted, living more full lives because of the sheer breath of your talents.  We miss you.  As for me, you are on my shoulder every day.  I speak to you and sing to you, we play our instruments for you, but mostly, we miss your physical presence.  May you find peace where you are, enjoying stretchies, ice cream (Italian style of course), and old musicals (perhaps you are singing with the original casts of many of our favorites).  With love forever, Cheryl

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