December 16, 2010

Dear Friends, ¬†Frances has now been transferred from the rehabilitation service to Hospice. Her campaign against her cancer has been a courageous one, and she continues to rally from time to time. Her dear friends, by her bedside, state that she still has moments of clarity. In those moments, friends put Frances’ own singing voice (from a recording) to her ear. After each aria she adds a thumbs up from both hands, and up and down the hallway of her hospital ward, “brava” is heard. Our love and prayers reach heaven’s ears as did her musical talent and passionate personality all these years. We continue the vigil of hope and love. With affection, Cheryl

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  1. My Dear Frances, I just don’t know what to say. The words are lacking but the memories working with you are vivid and very meaningful. I was amazed with your strength then and today I can say the same as you are a tough lady. You have a heart that many could have loved to have and talent many would be jealous for. That’s why God needs you to be close to him. You offer pureness and passion to life and the work you do. You have touched many in your life and those many are praying for you. I will always be with you Fran, you bring smile in my soul and mind. May God give you peace and comfort my dear. Forever Yours, Kreshnik

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