2016. Another Year, Another Birthday without Franala

How does time keep marching on when Fran is not here with us? Hard to have imagined a life and a world that didn’t have her gorgeousness in it. Gorgeousness. Her demeanor, her attitude, her joyfulness of everything . . . where has that gone? The shortsightedness is in me. I know it is. I am selfish to have wanted more time with her. I know many of you feel the same way. She had a way of making everyone around her feel that the world stopped while she asked a deep question about you. She wanted to know everything. She wanted to experience it all, feel it all. That gorgeousness was not just about her outside beauty, it also described the richness of her soul. I’ve been thinking about Fran all day today, wondering if she is a singing angel, entertaining God and joyfully flying from corner to corner of the world spreading charm and hope. That’s how I see my Fran. That’s how I remember her. And when I cry over the fact that I have not spoken to her or set eyes upon her in so long, I try and understand that her audience is now a wider one. With different goals. I love you my Franala. Happy Birthday. I celebrate the day you were born. Love, Cheryla

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