Happy Birthday Franala, 2015

To Our Dearest Franala, we miss you so much! Can’t believe how your friends and family are getting older and we wonder, where are you? YOU¬†stay the same, young, vivacious, self that we all knew and loved. On this your birthday, you are on my mind. It’s a foggy day in Annapolis and the winter is finally over, the snow is melting. Such a cold winter we had with temps below zero. But now, with your birthday, the meaning of spring will become more apparent. Every time I see a pretty sunrise, sunset, a perfectly formed camera moment, and especially a beautiful piece of music, you are there with me. I feel your strength and love on my shoulder, looking over everything I do. You are going through life with me, seeing the world through my eyes and hearing the world through my ears. We are together and I share the quiet moments, the laughing moments, and the in-between with you. When I listen to your music and your voice, a smile comes over me from deep within my heart. When I listen to the few tapes I have of you – the personal, off stage you, I feel the love and joy. In heaven, I see that you are treated as the Diva that you are, the sweet soul that we know, and wish for you many timeless birthdays to come. As long as there is breath in your friends and family, we will remember you. As long as there is YouTube, the world will know the richness of your talent. I love you my Franala¬†. . . your Cheryla

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