Where is Fran Interred?

I was asked by a visiting friend of Fran’s to give him the location of where she is buried – he wanted to go to the gravesite, as he promised himself he would, if he visited NY. Marco is from Milan and shared many a good time and stories with our Fran.

I looked through the emails to see if I could find the cemetery location. I wasn’t at the burial ceremony because, as some of you might remember, it was during one of the biggest snowstorms in NY – and trains weren’t running from (Annapolis) Baltimore to NY. In fact, the funeral had been postponed once because of the weather and even though the snow was still falling on the next scheduled date, the loved one’s of Frans traipsed out to say their final farewells. I found emails stating that the cemetery was Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn. But today, I found out that Fran was interred at Shearith Israel Cemetery in Queens, NY. I am so sorry that I sent Marco off on a bad errand, and thanks to all who replied to tell me the correct cemetery. Ohy vey, I’m so sorry that I didn’t know. So next time I’m in NY, I now know where to go too, to say a few words over the earth where our angel lays. My sweet Franala, I’m sorry I gave Marco bad directions! I love you as always. Cheryla

Beth Olom Cemetery, part of Shearith Israel Synagogue, 2 Cypress Hills Street, Ridgewood (Queens), New York 11208. Website: www.shearithisrael.org/
Phone: 718-277-6255

Thanks Hagai for your very welcomed map, details, and arrows.

From the Lovely Marco: At last I could find Frances’s tombstone. Funny thing is that I was quite close the other day, in fact I passed it on my way to another cemetery as it is not far from a fence. You know, that day was cloudy and overcast here in New York but today, well, today was one of the brightest of my stay here. So, maybe Frances wanted to be found while the sun was shining and people were gathering for worship being a Sunday and honouring their mothers as Mother’s Day. As for the Jewish custom, I looked for a stone and I put it on the gravestone. I took a picture just before this, please find it attached to this.

I am very happy I could do this. As I told you, when I heard she had passed I promised myself I would say bye “properly” one day and I was able thanks to you: if you didn’t write to your friend, I would have never learnt her proper place of burial and consequently I couldn’t keep my promise. So, thank you very much. I said bye from all of us, both in English and Italian!

Thank you Marco. With love, Cheryl


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